A Successful Facebook Page for Real Estate Agents

Calling all real estate agents—what’s up with Facebook? How is your business page doing?

Is it getting consistent traffic? Are you happy with the number of likes? Do you think it stands out among the crowd?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you may have a Facebook problem—but don’t worry. We are here to help.

Facebook profiles should connect with the audience and be a source of desired information. No one wants to see the typical real estate agent business page over and over again in their news feed.

Facebook page

The Typical Real Estate Agent’s Facebook Page

According to this article from Inman, Facebook users are tired of seeing the same generic information on Facebook from realtors. The typical real estate agent’s Facebook page features a profile picture matching the picture on the agent’s business card; a luxury home as the cover page; posts of links to the agent’s listings; an article about mortgage rates; a picture of happy buyers after closing on a home; probably no posts for months; and the page will almost always have only a fraction of “page likes” compared to the amount of “friends” on the agent’s personal profile.

According to eBiz Media, Facebook was the third-most visited website in 2013, and according to Facebook, the average time users spent on each visit was 20 minutes.

Stop Wasting Those 20 Minutes with a Boring Facebook Page

The goal here is to differentiate yourself and stand out from the pack. Users want to feel an affinity for someone’s Facebook page or at least feel a connection to it.

Let’s start with your profile picture. Don’t use the image on your business card. After all, the goal is to stand out.

First, you want to establish a theme for your page. Then, your profile picture should correspond to that theme.

For example, your page’s theme could correlate to the neighborhood you live in. Try (your name)’s Rundown on the (insert zip code here). Or Livin’ the Green Life in (insert your city here) since going green is a popular trend, especially among homebuyers.

Both examples are from the Inman article.

If you use the zip code theme, tack up the best neighborhood picture you can find or try using an iconic cultural landmark for that pivotal first impression.

Choose a picture that will get users talking while associating you with a specific neighborhood or brand and you’re golden.

Then post relevant content about the community. As real estate agents, we usually have the lowdown so we always know about upcoming events and celebrations. Use that knowledge to your advantage and eventually, you will become a source of community news in your area and people will begin “liking” and paying attention to your page so they can get the scoop.

While you’re posting about the community, also create fresh, dynamic and shareable content to post on your Facebook page. If you’re talking about going green, base your articles around that concept. Also, connect with similar brands and share their content to gain exposure.

Once you’ve gained a substantial following, you can post more hard hitting news about the real estate market, mortgage trends, interest rates, etc., but for now it’s all about the basics.

Don’t worry, friends. You’ll get there!

Until then, happy Facebooking.

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