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Why REfindly?

How It Works

REfindly generates leads for you through pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google, Bing, Facebook, and several other online networks. These motivated sellers are delivered to you instantly via email and SMS text messaging. Start receiving leads within 24 hours after signup.

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Buyer Lead Generation

Seller Lead Generation

Marketing your business, chasing leads, and nurturing relationships with prospective buyers can be arduous for even the most effectual real estate agents. REfindly helps you generate, engage, and convert leads using one convenient system, affording you opportunities to connect with your clients and sell more properties.

REfindly generates instant alerts via email or SMS text message once a lead has entered the system, capitalizing on the potential for immediate follow-up. Targeted email campaigns allow REfindly’s marketing team to deliver qualified home buyers and sellers directly to you, enabling you to focus on strengthening your business.

REfindly’s multi-platform approach supplies a consistent stream of prospects, a crucial element in the pursuit to becoming a successful REALTOR®. REfindly’s lead generation builds your business Rolodex, placing you at the forefront of your area’s real estate industry.