Craigslist Is No Dinosaur When it Comes to Generating Leads

Some agents may disavow Craigslist; especially since social media giants Facebook and Google+ are basically taking over the world. But many experts are saying: not so fast.

Agents and brokers should give this old dinosaur a chance.

Amy Gerrish, leader of The Phoenix Metro Group, an agent team part of Phoenix-based HomeSmart, says Craigslist seems to offer a better return on investment than advertising on listing portals or Facebook.

The leads she’s picked up from those sites seem to be of about equal quality to those she gets from Craigslist, according to this article from Inman, which have translated into six sales for her team in the last year, she said.

“If they’re the same quality, then I just want the ones that you don’t have to pay for,” Gerrish said.


And who could blame her?

Here are Some Tips to Make you Craigslist Savvy in No Time

Pick your Niche

Types of properties, foreclosures, communities, certain ethnic groups (if you speak the language), and starter homes, according to, are all examples you can focus on when you’re listing your property on Craigslist.

You don’t have to confine yourself to one niche, but if you are going to post about a specific area, you should really commit to it throughout the ad. Not being consistent is a fast way to scare off potential customers.

Make Appealing, Attention Grabbing Headlines

Write a headline you think you would click on. It must be short, target your intended audience and GET YOUR ATTENTION. But we don’t recommended using all caps. Make sure you watch your grammar and spelling, too.

Never Disappoint the Consumer

If your headline says you’re posting about a three-bedroom, four-bath home with an attached garage for example, make sure the home really does have all those components. The worst thing you can do is lie to a customer.

Know Where to Post your Ad says you should post your ad in the “Real Estate for Sale” section under your geographic area. If you do not post it correctly or follow the directions, your target audience won’t be able to see it.

Know How to Track your Ad

We recommend using Craigslist Add Tracker to see how many people are clicking on your ad.

The tracker will help you determine what time you should post your ads, which images bring in the most clicks and where users are coming from.


Encourage Engagement 

Make sure you select the “Do Not Show Email Address” option so users must contact you directly. You want to get your listings seen, but you also want to encourage engagement as well.

Don’t be a Copycat

Geek Estate makes a good point when it says you should NOT use the same tired templates as everyone else. They may have found something that works for them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you.

Experiment with what works best for you and find your groove.

Have you advertised listings on Craigslist? Let us know what has worked for you in the comments section below.

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