Real Estate Data Web Service


Solid Listing API

REfindly’s efficiently designed listing API updates twice an hour from your local MLS database, providing the most current listings and data on today’s market. Built to be lightning fast, REfindly’s API scales to millions of requests and returns clean JSON, making it ideal for developers to leverage in their applications.

For agents who are currently utlizing a wordpress site and are looking to integrate a custom IDX, REfindly offers an IDX plugin that can be installed within minutes. Client libraries for most major programming languages are also available. REfindly delivers customized listing solutions to meet all of your real estate needs.


Lightning Fast and Scalable

REfindly’s listing API construction maximizes performance, speed, and scalability. This platform is a combination of Node.js, NGINX, and MongoDB, and is hosted in Tier 1 data centers. Utilizing MongoDB as the data-store for the listing data enables instant queries with amazing scale. With NGINX and Node.js serving your queries, REfindly can guarantee high concurrency without sacrificing speed. REfindly ensures fast look-ups, horizontal scaling, and astounding up-time. Confidently build your applications while experiencing the performance and reliability of REfindly’s listing API.

Geo-Data and Polygon

REfindly prides itself on delivering the highest quality listing data. All listings are geo-coded to ensure accuracy; when using data for mapping applications, listings are geo-coded to the roof level. Designed for easy implementation, REfindly’s listing API allows you to offer polygon look-ups in your applications. Simply submit an array of coordinates and all listings within the polygon will be returned. REfindly’s API grants your applications the ability to offer remarkable mapping capabilities.



Ultra-fast CDN for Listing Images

REfindly employs one of the largest and most reliable content delivery networks on the market. Listing images, virtual tours, and assets are delivered from the closest available data center through a distributed network to decrease latency and ensure the fastest possible load time. Serve assets directly from REfindly’s network, reducing your costs and assuring a high-speed experience for your end users.

Boundary Data for Communities, Cities, and Zip Codes

REfindly proudly offers a unique capability that rarely exists in listing API’s: boundary data. Invite your users to visually explore cities and communities that peak their interests. Potential buyers who are new to a neighborhood can browse maps to familiarize themselves with the boundaries of the area. Simply submit a zip code, city, or community name and REfindly will return an array of data points that users
can map. Set yourself apart from the competition by equipping your users with REfindly’s exclusive data mapping feature.



Documentation and Support

REfindly assures comprehensive solutions and steadfast support. Assistance is available via phone and email at no additional cost. REfindly aims to provide cutting-edge technology to optimize your business, with API documentation constructed to simplify the development of your application.