Downing-Frye Website Packages

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A Basic Web Presence

Bronze sites are offered through Downing-Frye Realty, Inc. and REfindly at no charge. Includes a landing page and a contact page. Bronze sites’ IDX search functions through Downing Frye Realty, Inc.’s company website.

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  • Page creation with content management is available with Silver and Gold packages.
  • Explain that the bronze search will be through downing-frye and any leads that register through the search will go to downing frye’s lead distribution program.

A Fully Integrated IDX Search Website

The Silver package includes a fully integrated IDX

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  • Explain that agents can include listings and property details on their pages

IDX content

  • Explain that more themes are available with Gold package.
  • Some color scheme changes are available (liks to classic theme color examples?).

Lead manager content

Expanded Options and Functionality
With an Integrated IDX Property Search

The Gold package provides you with a dynamic toolbox to create and manage limitless content for your site.

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Pages content

IDX Content

  • Multiple themes available (link to themes page?)
  • Extensive Color Customization is available. (links to examples? Example screenshots?)

Lead manager content

Community Pages content

  • Blogging info
  • What is a Blog?
  • Why Blog?
  • Agents
  • Vendors

Take Lead Management To The Next Level

REfindly’s Customer Relationship Manager is fully integrated with your website. The CRM, included in the Gold+ package, helps you maintain communication with leads, organize your contacts’ information, and manage your daily tasks so you can focus on selling real estate.

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Notes, Emails, Calls, Property Drips

Task manager info

Calendar Info



For Teams

More Resources

REfindly has a growing database of helpful articles and answers to frequently asked questions to help you manage your Website and CRM. Our staff is also on hand to help with any support issues.

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