Spring Real Estate Trends and How Technology Can Help You

Real estate trends change all the time and this spring’s trends are no exception.

Here are six market insights from Inman to share with your current or prospective clients that will give them a head start to a successful spring season.

Pair these real estate trends with a topnotch lead generator and you will be unstoppable.real estate trends

Sell, sell, sell

Now is the time to sell. Mortgage rates are still at historic lows, so buyers are poised to buy and eager to hit the streets.

This means more opportunities for leads!

In fact, Inman says 60 percent of all homes in 2014 will be bought and sold between May and August. Sellers who put their home on the market at the beginning of the selling season will up their chances of snagging a winning offer before buyers turn their attention back to school starting in September.

Price your home just right

Many metros around the country have seen double-digit price increases in the past year. But this last quarter saw prices slow down across the country.

With this fluctuating market, sellers need to look at comps of similar homes in their area and rely on the expertise of their agent, Inman says.

Plus, remember that sellers should look back no more than 60 days and depend on their agent to help them set the price accordingly. The sale price of homes that sold recently paints a much better picture of what to expect than the price of homes that sold six months ago.

It pays to be ahead

Right now we’re on the cusp of the prime selling and buying season.

Here’s a tip, sellers who list soon will have less competition than those who put their house on the market in May or June, when more homes generally flood the market.

This is where social media comes into play. Get pictures of your home and put them up on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. as soon as possible. You will be two steps ahead of the competition—and it will feel great. But don’t stop there. Write a blog post about your home’s special features and make it stand out!

Visual articles create more buzz

A huge percentage of buyers use smartphones to start their home search online.

That percentage is expected to rise this year as more buyers take advantage of easy access to the wealth of information that is the Internet. Get in on this trend by making sure the home pops on your readers’ computer screens. Great homes with mediocre-quality photos will be quickly cast aside and get fewer showings.

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