Link Building is Here to Stay

One way to gain credibility and get other people to post your content on their site is by building links.

But you can’t just post your content and expect the web traffic to come. You need a plan.

According to Moz, the right kind of links can deliver:


Online brand awareness

Significant referral traffic

Social proof (improving conversion)

Every business has their own strategy. This is Moz’s link building strategy, but we also happen to think it’s one of the best.

Building a piece of long-term foundational content (and not solely using content that’s hot for five minutes and gone the next day, lost in the world of cyber space), can give your business a platform and some leverage. You can then layer additional online marketing efforts on top of your innovative content and enjoy the compound effect of your success.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could target influencers and content creators at the exact moment they’re looking to link, therefore increasing your chances of getting the link?


Ask yourself whether your blog tackles an industry concept, provides the most comprehensive and useful piece of information on a particular topic or challenges a misconception.

What Makes a Good Concept?

Something that has long-term appeal: You want to be a value investor rather than a speculator. You want people to go to your site first as a resource for information.

Content that will appeal to customers and other content creators.

If there is currently a void of decent content covering the subject.

How Do I Find Inspiration?


Keyword research tools.

Magazines in your industry: Look for the key topics in magazines and see if they have the same kind of buzz online.

Talk to sales teams: They often have valuable insights into the industry.

Also, put yourself in a potential customer and content creator’s shoes. Do you think you can find enough information on a particular subject? If not, that’s your cue.

Make it Easy to Share your Content

Make sure your social sharing icons are accessible and visible at the top of the page.

Do your keyword research and optimize your titles.

Also keep in mind that utilizing social media to share your content is one way to climb higher in search results.


If you’re Going to Email Blog Publishers, Follow These Tactics

Get a professional email address

Find the person’s name

Make sure it is the right person

Proofread, proofread and proofread

Be personal (but sincere)

Respect their time and be concise


Keep in mind that you may need to upgrade your content to keep it relevant.

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