Choose Which Neighborhoods You Focus On With Community Pages

The REfindly Community Page module is a great tool for focusing on the communities you want to sell. Community Pages are the perfect way to offer your site’s users information about a neighborhood. They also keep users up to date with the most recent listing information in that community.

You can add any content you want to a Community Page. Popular content includes floor plans, site maps, and information on community amenities. The more robust your page’s content the more authority that page (and in turn your entire site) will have with the search engines.

You can see how Community pages appear at our Demo Site.

For more information about adding Community Pages to your site, see our Knowledge Base.

Important Note

Remember rule #1 about your site’s content: Duplicate Content hurts your site! Search engines like Google will punish your site if you copy content from another site. Make sure all your site content is original and relevant to your target audience for the best performance!

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