Don’t Sweat it If your Leads Didn’t Convert. Here’s Why

Raise your hand if your lead didn’t convert.

Just because a lead didn’t turn out to be an instant connection doesn’t mean it’s not a real buyer/seller on the other end.

Some leads are just curious and not looking to buy—yet. You may have caught them at a bad time. Or they may need more convincing. Whatever it is, don’t give up. But don’t be too pushy either.

The author of this Inman article, has some good advice for agents:


“I keep a spreadsheet of contacts and my interaction with them. I find that unless I make an instant connection, the next most common interaction seems to come somewhere between six to nine emails/phone calls,” Karen Fiddler said. “A number of things have happened by this time: They have been getting daily listing alerts for a while; They have seen my face on the alerts; They have had numerous emails from me, which hopefully have created a comfort level with me.”

What to Do If Those Leads Don’t Convert Right Away

Craft your emails so your potential customers see you as the competent community expert that you are.

The point is to create a familiarity with these leads while not sounding too pushy.

Fiddler says her first email will always ask them if they would like to go see homes. You want to let them know you’re there for them. You are their go-to-person for real estate in the area.

“But after that, I vary my emails from informational only, checking in and ‘Do you see anything that you’d like to see in person?’ I don’t want them to feel that any response from them will result in a hard push to meet,” Fiddler says.

It’s important to establish a comfort level with each other before you do business and being patient and non-pushy is always the way to go.

“We have to remember that these leads came to us for a reason. If they continue to come back, then it’s more likely they are considering a move and are not just a looker,” Fiddler says.

Feel out your leads. You’ll be happier when you see your sales increase.

Let us know if these tips worked for you.

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