Cloud Storage Makes Business Easier for Real Estate Agents in 2014

Who doesn’t like getting a new technology toy? You may think your trusty smartphone is all you need, but in order to be more efficient in 2014, you’re going to need to expand your connected empire, according to this article from Inman.

Cloud storage

  • Your smartphone is a good place to start, but today’s it’s become a necessity. I know I couldn’t live without my smart phone. It’s my alarm clock, calendar, note taker, reminder, camera, video camera, etc. And the best part is that it backs up everything—all of your emails, notes, calendars, pictures and movies—onto an invisible entity called Cloud storage, that is if you have an Apple iPhone.
  • A Tablet is essential. It has a bigger screen so it’s better for reading—especially things like emails. It also reigns supreme in viewing pictures, and FaceTiming—in case you have an important meeting or conference call you just can’t get to in person. There are also a ton of amazing apps available to download. These are all great apps to play around with to help you get the most out of your business: JustCloud, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive. They all work off cloud storage too. What pictures, for example, you take on your iPhone will magically (it’s not realty magic) show up on your iPad.
  • Your average Joe desktop computer shouldn’t get lose in the shuffle just because you have a snazzy iPhone and iPad. Think of your desktop as your business hub. It has the biggest screen. It’s not portable, but it sure is easier to read. It also has the greatest amount of storage and that my friends is a big deal. Itunes on your desktop also finds a home for everything saved on your iPhone and or iPad so you should never have to worry about misplacing anything important.

Using Cloud Storage Makes your Life Easier

Using Cloud storage is easy and it makes your business more efficient. All of your data lives in one place. All of your devices know what the other one is doing and it helps you make decisions faster and more efficiently. It’s all completely secure too.

You can also access your work documents from anywhere as long as you can access your Cloud account. For real estate agents who are constantly on-the-go, this is a godsend. It will allow you to more quickly meet clients’ needs while increasing your customer satisfaction rate.

Being more connected today is almost unavoidable and sometimes when you’re in a profession where you’re constantly on-the-go, you just want to throw caution to the wind and toss your connected devices out the window. But you don’t because that would be bad. Having these devices, these apps and knowing how to use them will make your work more more efficient so you can hopefully carve out more you time for yourself.

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