Bing Ads Certified is Where you Want to Be

REfindly was recently Bing Ads Certified after Chris Melfi, REfindly’s Director of Marketing completed the Bing Ads Accredited Professional program on Thursday, Feb. 13.

And we could not be more excited because Bing has a lot to offer. BingAds_Accredited_Badge

What Bing Has to Offer

According to Bing’s FAQ page, users who successfully complete the accreditation exam become Accredited Professional program members, a distinction that includes placement in their vast Membership Directory.

The Directory is a valuable tool when optimizing clients’ advertising Return On Investment (ROI)—to colleagues and potential employers/employees.

But, there’s more:

Users also have access to a second directory offered by the Accredited Professional program called Find a Pro.

Find a Pro allows discerning advertising clients to connect with Accredited Professionals who use Bing Ads.

It’s a really nifty tool to have.

Bing Ads Certification: What it Takes

According to Bing’s FAQ page, in order to achieve the free Accredited Professional program member status, you must be an active Bing Ads customer, and you must pass the Accredited Professional program accreditation exam.

First, you must complete Bing Ads Training. Then you must sign up for the Accredited Professional exam and achieve a passing score of at least 80 percent on the 100-question test.

Topics in training courses range from getting your search advertising campaign started to optimizing it and managing your budget.

The Benefits of Bing Ads Certification

  • You will receive an official member badge, making it easy for others to recognize you as a Bing Ads expert. Plus, you also get some pretty cool bragging rights.
  • Be placed in the Accredited Professional Membership Directory. Again, bragging rights.
  • Be placed in the Accredited Professional Membership Directory. You get the point.
  • Increase your industry recognition.
  • Build your resume.
  • Market your business through Find a Pro.
  • Enjoy updated profiles that include social media, the ability to share, and more.

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